What is a Fresh Micro Market?

Fresh Micro Markets are unstaffed, fully automated retail health food stores that are placed in corporate break room environments to complement wellness programs that encourage healthier lifestyles. Corporate wellness programs are designed to nurture wellness in workers, regardless of the work environment. A Fresh Micro Market is the perfect vehicle to assist business owners looking to increase employee productivity, decrease employee absenteeism and potentially decreasing workplace insurance policy costs.

The Micro Market format parallels a retail store with an intelligent, strategically positioned kiosk for managing transactions and collecting operational data.

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What is a Micro Market? Image
  • What is a Micro Market? Image

    Unstaffed, unattended self-shopping, shelf-payment marketplace.

    Cashless payment options – credit / debit card, fresh micro market wallet loyalty app for all smart phones, Google e-wallet, ApplePay and e-commerce platforms such as PayPal

  • What is a Micro Market? Image

    Wide variety of product offerings available via open shelf racking, reach-in cooler and freezer

    Multiple product purchases in a single transaction with shopping cart capacity

  • What is a Micro Market? Image

    Flexible pricing algorithms

    Opportunity for wide-scale product merchandising campaigns, product bundling, suggestive selling, and POS promotional communications

  • What is a Micro Market? Image

    Extensive retail transactional data processing including day-part metrics, business analytics and merchandising strategies

  • What is a Micro Market? Image

    Controlled venue access in a restricted area supported by surveillance equipment (closed circuit camera networking)

  • What is a Micro Market? Image

    Internet connectivity for open system electronic payment processing and transaction inventory and tracking

Having all payment transactions and marketing campaign data seamlessly filter into one system will ultimately allow our fresh micro market franchisees to make smarter business decisions and forge deeper connections with their customers, than ever before.

Nick Yates, Founder Fresh Healthy Vending

Franchise Packages

Number of Micro Markets Minimum of 10
Cost per Micro Market $11,500 each (includes location procurement)
Franchisee Fee Per Unit $1,000
Franchisee Royalty Fee $12% Gross Sales (includes payment processing/merchant fees estimated at 6%)
Annual Software License Fee TBA (includes bi-annual software updates & support)
What is a Micro Market? Image

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