Fresh Healthy Micro Market
Location Procurement

Hire a 3rd party placement company? Who can you trust with your investment?
Receive “coaching”? You’re going to need more than that!

At Fresh, you partner with the industry professionals. We offer the most comprehensive Location Procurement process, not only in healthy vending, but in vending period! Our proven and ever-evolving techniques, methods and processes are what make Fresh Healthy Vending the market leader.

The Fresh Micro Market franchise program was designed to be simple. We believe simple franchising makes the most sense and because of this we are continuing to provide all our franchisees with the ultimate in location procurement services.

How Does it work?

Once you are approved to become a Fresh Micro Market Franchisee you will be appointed a dedicated territory manager whose job it is to secure for you the best possible Micro Market locations.

Can I get my own locations?

Yes, you absolutely can. In fact, Fresh has designed a new program that allows its franchisees the necessary research, marketing materials, scripts, uniforms and tools to secure their own locations. If you fancy yourself as a salesperson, then by all means you can hit the road and sign up your own locations. In fact, you can save $1,000 per Micro Market by doing it yourself.

What types of locations can I expect?

At Fresh, we commit contractually to secure locations for you that meet and exceed specific guidelines we know will lead to your success. In this case, unlike vending machines we are looking for locations that offer the most security. We don’t want your Micro Markets exposed in any way. Corporate break rooms are our primary locations as we are really focusing on corporate wellness initiatives however, we also consider a range of other proven locations we have identified. Contact us for more information regarding locations categories.

Note: All locations will be contracted by Fresh in the name of “you” the franchisee.

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