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The pioneers and leaders of the healthy vending movement are excited to introduce the hottest new trend in health food retailing –

Fresh Micro Markets!

Fresh Micro Markets are unstaffed, unattended, self–checkout stores that offer a range of health food products in corporate locations secured for you by Fresh Healthy Vending.

Fresh Micro Markets are an expansion on traditional vending machines offering an increased selection of healthy options that include all of our favorite healthy snacks along with fresh fruits, salads, sandwiches, wraps, cold–pressed juices, and so much more!

Micro Markets represent a blend of the convenience of vending with an enhanced consumer experience brought about by open product access, broader product variety, increased payment options and so many improved promotional opportunities normally associated with a retail environment.

Contact us today and don’t miss your chance to serve in an untapped market & become a successful Micro Market entrepreneur!

Our program is truly unique in that we have designed our own Micro Market technology, which means we control our own destiny when it comes to evolving the software. Our competitors rely on third party manufacturers so they have little control over how their products actually operate.

Art Budman, CEO

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